mini-malist is a gender neutral, functional, and mature product line. Less is more. Not just in the overall aesthetic, but in quantity as well. Our silhouettes are not only functional, but also transformable. We wanted to create a line that can be manipulated to achieve individualism in every piece. mini-malist children's silhouettes are simple enough to be paired with any additional pieces/ accessories your little one may desire.

The home goods line utilizes vintage textiles with recent expansion into original prints and clever construction.  The children’s line breaks current trends by offering not only gender neutral designs but flexible and versatile construction.

We are committed to producing quality products for fair wages. It is important to us to pay fair prices all while supporting jobs right here at home. We also pay attention to waste and are committed to recycling any extra fabric. We are committed to doing our absolute best by mini-mizing our environmental footprint.


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